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Ingénieur électromécanique (#131.372.013) 

Lieu: N'importe où en Mali (CV #131.372.013)

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Having been a professional by academics in Electro Mechanical Engineering over 5 years of university, I have a good understanding of :
- Mechanical theory
- Electrical theory
- Design, conception and optimization of systems
- Setting, parameterization, simulation and interpretation of mechanical systems.
- Mathematics, statistics and mechanical system modeling.
- Management of production and quality.

Having the opportunity to conduct my project of final study in ENIS Sfax “Characterization of the aerodynamic structure of horizontal wind turbine type Rutland 913”, I have the experience in :
- Building and running aerodynamics flow with different models of turbulence
- Evaluate the real power output of wind turbine and evaluation of the power coefficient.
- Evaluation of the opportunity of adding a diffuser to a horizontal wind turbine.
- Information collection, data analysis and interpretation

Having three years of work experience as a Project management and Process development Engineer and five professional training during my higher education, I try to develop my personal qualities especially on :
- Effective team working, interpersonal and communication skills,
- Motivation and willing to learn
- Reporting, oral and visual presentations and ability to express my idea and get along well with others
- Ability to perform in a multi-task and dynamic environment.
- Organization and work to meet reporting deadlines

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34 Années

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N'importe où en  Mali

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Master  (Diplome d'ingénieur Electromécanique)  with 12.03/2008/68 Notes / Année / Classe

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4 Années
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Anglais  (Expert)

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